Colors of Ceylon


‘On leaving the island of Andaman
and sailing a thousand miles a little
South of West, the traveller reaches
Ceylon, which is undoubtedly the
finest island of its size in all the world.’



Colors of Ceylon

For the one arriving to the island of Sri Lanka, formerly known as Ceylon, a great deal of beauty is to be
expected. Sinhalese, Tamil, Hindu, Buddhist, Muslim, Christian - Here, cultural identities are as manifold as the landscape, and the visual range like it’s topography, is infinite. 

From the mystical and luxuriant jungle of Sigiriya to the barren plains of the northern territory, the emerald coastal waters of the southern tip and the breathtaking green hills of the tea country. Ceylon is an island to experience on every sensual and intellectual level. 

Today, centuries old rituals and traditions must harmonize with an ever faster modern society and the country struggles to find it’s own pace.

Color however, remains everywhere.